Windmill Tote

There are many different groups to join on Raverly.  One was created at the beginning of May called Pattern Partners. The concept is to post a pattern that you want to work on and find someone to work it with you, all online through the website.  I found the Windmill Bag pattern by Danielle LaFramboiseon Ravelry and posted in the forums hoping someone would join me.  There were a few sections of the bag that I had never done before (I-cord stitches, for example) that I had never done before.  Luckily, one person joined from the get-go and we worked on our bags together.  Over the course of our projects, a few more people joined in and there were great discussions going back and forth over the forum regarding the pattern. It was pretty fun.

I especially liked working this pattern because it was done in sections.  It didn’t feel like a never-ending project (like a scarf or a blanket might) because it was done piece by piece.  I thought the assembly was brilliant and the creator of the pattern had a really fun and creative idea!

The straps are a bit longer than I intended because I kind of got carried away with the I-cord stitching.  If I were to do this bag again, I think I might make the panels wider and longer because this bag is a bit shallow.  But I’m still really please with it!

Completed May 14, 2011






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