Breast Cancer Bracelets

Every year for the past 10 years my family has participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  The first year was 2001 and only 3 of us walked.  Each year more and more people joined our group…some family, some friends.  And originally we walked for my aunt (who is a 8 & 9 year survivor…she was diagnosed the spring of 2001 and then again 11 months later in 2002). As time progressed, we knew more and more people affected by this disease and now we usually have 3-4 survivors who walk in our group.  It’s amazing how many people are affected by this disease.

This year, I decided I wanted to knit ribbons for the group.  When I tried my first ribbon however, I didn’t like how it looked with the safety pin so I decided to scratch that idea.  I made bracelets instead.  There is no real pattern to it, it is a 4-stitch I-cord made at varying lengths since not everyone would fit the same size bracelet.  Once you reach the size you want, bind off.  Then sew the two ends together to make a complete circle.  I’m pretty proud of these 🙂

Edit (14-Oct-2011): The yarn used for these is Bernat Satin…I can’t recall the exact name (I don’t have the skein in front of me) but I found it on a breast cancer display at Michael’s.  And the label said that proceeds would go to the Susan G. Komen foundation (I’m not sure of the % of the purchase that goes to the foundation)…so not only do the bracelets symbolize support, buying the yarn actually financially supports the fight too!

Completed October 1, 2011




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