Krista’s Hat

This hat has been my nemesis since early this summer.

I told a friend of mine I would knit her a hat, showed her a few patterns I had in my Ravelry queue and she selected the All Day Beret by Debbie Stoller. Glancing at the pattern I thought it didn’t seem to be too difficult but I needed to buy the yarn and the needles. Three different sets of needles are required for the pattern.  I was able to get 2 of them at the store and had to order the third set online. Of course, the set I had to wait for in the mail was the one I needed to start the project.

Then, I got caught up in a few other things and aside from just doing the ribbed knitting at the beginning, I hadn’t done anything else. In July, I picked it up again and made a mess of it; the pattern seemed to be much harder than I thought! I kept ending up with a bunch more stitches than I was supposed to have. So I had to frog it and start all over again.

Last month, I started it over again and was trucking along just fine… (I realized I had originally read the pattern wrong and was doing two yarn overs instead of one…whew, easy problem solved!) Also,  I took a fellow knitting pal’s suggestion of using markers to help me keep the stitch count (which is such a great help!) After getting through about 1/3 of the hat, I realized it was all twisted. I guess some part of my brain figured it would un-twist itself as I started to decrease…the twisting had never happened to me before so I didn’t know that wouldn’t be the case. When I consulted one of my books, you must know how bummed I was to discover it would NOT un-twist itself (what a newbie mistake!).  So once again, I had to start it over again.

Last week (the 10th) I re-cast. I was extra careful to make sure it didn’t twist. I followed the pattern exactly.  Until I realized I was doing the SSK slightly wrong.  The pattern didn’t specify if the slipped stitches were slipped as if to knit or purl and so I automatically slipped as if to purl.  It’s not “wrong” per se, but my knitting book did say unless otherwise specified assume to slip as if to knit.  Oh well.  I thought it was looking good so I just stuck with what I was doing….(plus I didn’t want to have to start over a 4th time!)

I finished it this afternoon while waiting for the Patriots game to start.

So now, drumroll please……………………………………….


Krista wearing the hat

Completed October 16, 2011


3 thoughts on “Krista’s Hat

  1. That hat is great! More power to you for sticking it out. I would have given up on attempt # 3 🙂 Thanks for being my first follower!

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