Warm Tootsies

I found a pattern called Bed Peds by Yvonne Senecal on (where else?) Ravelry way back in February (around the time I joined the site).  I added it to my queue at that time.  For some reason, when I saw them, I automatically thought of my mom. I’m not sure why.

They looked like “slipper socks” in the picture accompanying the pattern and my mom has always worn warm socks (especially in the colder months) so I queued them with the intention of making a pair for her…at some point.  They are not traditional socks because there is no actual knit heel portion.  When they are not worn, they kind of look like tubes with one closed end.  But they shape to the foot when they are on.

I finally gave in last weekend and started working on them.  They turned out to be MUCH easier than I was anticipating, which made me happy! I finished the second one earlier today.  They each probably took about 4 hours or so to make.  Not too bad.  They are supposed to be a size M (an 8 in women’s) and there was an option to make a rolled cuff, but I opted out of that.  I think I would probably add one more repeating section (4 rows) because they seemed a little short at the back of my ankle.  Also, I didn’t realize it until I was about to start the second sock that I kind of screwed it up a little.  But it’s not detrimental to the sock so it’s all good.  (I was supposed to use smaller needles at the beginning and switch to the larger needles, but I did it backwards.  I think they still look great!)

I only have one picture of the first sock I made last weekend.  I lent my camera to my mom so I will take pictures of the pair when I get the camera back.  So for now, enjoy my one foot.  And check back at the end of the week for new pictures 🙂


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