Long Awaited

I’ve finally started and finished a hat for Justin, Mark’s brother.  When I finished the hat for Mark back in April, Justin said he wanted one too.  So I had him pick out the yarn he wanted….and then didn’t actually start the hat until the beginning of this month… whoops.

I used the same pattern from Ravelry that was used to make Mark’s hat, including my own modifications (length, etc).  It is slightly longer than what the pattern calls for (maybe about a half inch longer).  Nothing major.

I used a different kind of yarn than what was used for Mark’s hat and I’m not sure which I like better.  I think Mark’s feels more cushion-y, but Justin’s knit up nicely, too… and the decreasing to make the top of the hat looks cleaner on Mark’s.  Oh well.  Mark’s is 100% acrylic and Justin’s is 100% cotton so they feel somewhat different.

Oh and Mark wore his hat today 🙂


Color Me Green with Envy…

Through pinterest I found a link to a crafter’s blog, The Ivy Cottage Blog and she turned a garage into her Craft Studio.  It is just unbelievably amazing.  It is a room I would one day aspire to have for myself.  It’s just fantastic.  So I roamed around her blog a bit more and she has some really terrific stuff there.  Definitely take a few minutes to check this out; it’s totally worth it!

Want to help people in need this season?

Because I’m always interested in finding new knitting patterns, I subscribe to a daily email from AllFreeKnitting.com.  Today’s email featured a link to a blog post about knitting for a wonderful cause.  I wanted to post the link here for anyone who might be interested in helping out.  The cause is called Project Winter Warmth and they are hoping to collect hats, scarves and mittens/gloves for babies, children and adults.  The collected items will then go to local charities and help those in need.   Please click on the link below to learn more!

Project Winter Warmth

Happy Knitting!