Secret Santa Success

I almost forgot to post about this!

My friend Krista (I made this hat for her, remember?) has an annual Christmas Soiree.  The past few years, we added a Secret Santa gift exchange to the party.  One of the party-goers sets up the exchange through a site called Elfster.  It randomly generates the picks so that it can be a complete secret.  You can also post links to your favorite items, create a wish list, and ask your pick anonymous questions.

So the person who picked me knows I like to knit so she got me  a great pattern book and a few balls of yarn.  Yay, more for my collection!  I can’t wait to start some of the projects in the book! 🙂

head to toe knits by Bronwyn Lowenthal

"hot purple" Lily's Sugar'n Cream yarn

"rose twists" Lily's Sugar'n Cream Yarn Twists


Also, I finally gave Krista her hat. Her party was the first time I had seen her since I finished it.  I wrapped it as a gift so she wouldn’t know right away what it was.  She was so excited when she saw it! It fit her well and it looked fantastic on her!  She wore it for the rest of the night (except for when her boyfriend was trying to steal it from her).  I’m so happy that she loves it!


Side note: the person I picked for Secret Santa loves to bake, so I got a bunch of baking related things: holiday baking cookbook, a gingerbread man spatula, red velvet cupcake mix, holiday cupcake wrappers, brownie mix that came in a penguin oven mitt (it also had a mini whisk attached), and PAM for baking. 🙂 She liked her gift too!


Fighting Homelessness

A while back I posted a list of stuff I needed to do. Most of it still needs to be done.  Also, in that post I mentioned that I would post about a particular item later on….here’s that post!

So a local organization, the Pine Street Inn works to eliminate Homelessness in Boston through a variety of services. They have created an annual event called the Pine Street Inn Knit-a-Thon for which people knit or crochet squares and then get together on a scheduled day (usually early November) and combine all the squares into blankets for the homeless people. I think it is a wonderful cause.  Unfortunately, I was only able to make a small monetary donation this year and was unable to complete my squares in time.

I also thought this could be a great sisterhood event for Theta Phi Alpha (the sorority I joined in college).  Our philanthropy is Hunger and Homelessness.  The funny thing is that I learned how to knit from my Big sister Megan.  This year, I learned about the Knit-A-Thon pretty late and we were unable to set up anything in order to participate but we are hoping to pull something together for the next one.  It would be great if we all got together (collegians and alumnae) a few weeks before the event  and knitted some squares to bring with us and assemble the day of the event.   The knitters of the group can show the non-knitters how to do it if they are interested.

I have decided to make a “long-term project” for this and knit a square each month leading up to the event.  I plan to make a different pattern and use different colors each month (maybe a blue/white to represent snow for January, red for February, green for March..etc etc).  This would give me an opportunity to work with different yarns, patterns and techniques all while creating something for a good cause!  (Since it happens in early November I’ll have a total of 10 squares by the time it comes around).

I’m going to create a separate page on my blog to track my progress.  I’ll post links to the Knit-A-Thon website when they start announcing preparations for 2012.  Locals aren’t the only ones who can join in; people can knit/crochet the squares and mail them in too!

New Blog

I have a different blog set up about [NERD ALERT] books.  I tend to post there more because I read more than I knit 🙂  Check it out here.

I actually still haven’t picked up any knitting needles since before my trip (which was fantastic! See this post).  I mentioned before that I have a project all set up and ready to go in a bag and I have taken that bag into the living room with me with all intentions of starting…but then it just sits on the floor next to the couch while I forget about it.  I think it’s because I’ve been so busy getting ready for Christmas.

Our tree when we first put it up...before Thanksgiving 🙂

I’m very excited for the holiday! It’s my first Christmas living on my own.  But there will be a lot of “traveling” going on that day: we’ll obviously start the day at our house, but then we’ll move onto Mark’s mum’s house, my parents’ house, Mark’s Aunt’s house and then my Aunt’s house.   Whew.  Just typing it makes me tired!

I have finished just about everything I needed to get done before Sunday, only one more thing to pick up, which I’ll get after work tonight! Woooooo!! Everything is wrapped and under the tree (except for edibles, Sonny would tear into it in less than a second!).

Our pup, Sonny

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all of you and your families!

Knitting Hiatus

So I’m kind of on an unintentional knitting hiatus.  I haven’t picked up anything since I finished the last hat (see previous post). I put everything I need for my next project(s) together (pattern directions, needles, yarn, and notions), but I have yet to start them.

I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas; I’m almost done with shopping & wrapping! Hooray for me.  I just have a few more things and then I’m officially done.  Probably the earliest I’ve ever finished Christmas preparation. Love it. I’ve also been busy getting ready for my vacation to Aruba; I leave Sunday morning! yaaaaaay! I can’t wait to get to the sun and water and happy hours and snorkeling and just relaxing!

When I get back, I’m still going to focus my knitting efforts on the list of items found here. None of these are gifts, so I don’t have to worry about getting them finished in time for Christmas, which is a relief. Otherwise, I’d be on a knitting kick with cramped hands and figuring out a way to take knitting needles on a plane…  (actually, I don’t even know if they’re not allowed…maybe I should look into it…)

Roughly 46 hours til we land in Aruba…. but who’s counting? 😉