Knitting Hiatus

So I’m kind of on an unintentional knitting hiatus.  I haven’t picked up anything since I finished the last hat (see previous post). I put everything I need for my next project(s) together (pattern directions, needles, yarn, and notions), but I have yet to start them.

I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas; I’m almost done with shopping & wrapping! Hooray for me.  I just have a few more things and then I’m officially done.  Probably the earliest I’ve ever finished Christmas preparation. Love it. I’ve also been busy getting ready for my vacation to Aruba; I leave Sunday morning! yaaaaaay! I can’t wait to get to the sun and water and happy hours and snorkeling and just relaxing!

When I get back, I’m still going to focus my knitting efforts on the list of items found here. None of these are gifts, so I don’t have to worry about getting them finished in time for Christmas, which is a relief. Otherwise, I’d be on a knitting kick with cramped hands and figuring out a way to take knitting needles on a plane…  (actually, I don’t even know if they’re not allowed…maybe I should look into it…)

Roughly 46 hours til we land in Aruba…. but who’s counting? 😉


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