Whenever I try to take pictures of my knitting projects, the image is never really that clear, or the color gets distorted.  (actually, the color issue happened for both of these examples).  I’ve tried without the flash, but then it seems to take the camera longer to snap the photo, giving my hands a good chance to shake while waiting for the camera to snap the photo.

My camera: Nikon Coolpix S3000

Do you use the same camera? Any suggestions for the settings I should use to get better quality images?


Baby Blanket Square #2

I finished the new baby blanket square.  A co-worker in my department is expecting a baby boy.  I hadn’t even considered the baby blanket, even though we did one less than a year ago for Sarah, my other co-worker. But one of the women in the office mentioned it to me, and I happened to have enough time to jump in and make a square.

The woman putting it together, Tina, decided to select a pattern to inspire our baby blanket rather than everyone do a random design.  Last time, we all chose our own designs and it looked great.  So this is trying something new.  The pattern is pretty straight forward.  I finished it on Thursday.  Here’s the image.

It was supposed to be 8″x8″, but I ended up running out of yarn, so it’s slightly less than 8″x8″, but once it’s attached to the rest of the squares it will be just right!

Under Construction

I was bored with the blank image icons on my Ravelry projects so I created an “icon” to use while I’m working on projects before I post any pictures (whether while in the process or just finished images).

I think it looks cute and thought I’d post it here. And I figured it had been a while since I last posted and wanted to let everyone know I’m still working on things!

Currently, I have a hat on some needles (it’s from my earlier post that listed all the projects I needed to complete. I also began a square today for another co-worker baby blanket. (We made a blanket for my co-worker Sarah last spring, which you can read about here).

Here’s the image. I only used Microsoft word and got the image from the clip art files. Feel free to use it if you’d like.