Baby Blanket Square #2

I finished the new baby blanket square.  A co-worker in my department is expecting a baby boy.  I hadn’t even considered the baby blanket, even though we did one less than a year ago for Sarah, my other co-worker. But one of the women in the office mentioned it to me, and I happened to have enough time to jump in and make a square.

The woman putting it together, Tina, decided to select a pattern to inspire our baby blanket rather than everyone do a random design.  Last time, we all chose our own designs and it looked great.  So this is trying something new.  The pattern is pretty straight forward.  I finished it on Thursday.  Here’s the image.

It was supposed to be 8″x8″, but I ended up running out of yarn, so it’s slightly less than 8″x8″, but once it’s attached to the rest of the squares it will be just right!


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