Whenever I try to take pictures of my knitting projects, the image is never really that clear, or the color gets distorted.  (actually, the color issue happened for both of these examples).  I’ve tried without the flash, but then it seems to take the camera longer to snap the photo, giving my hands a good chance to shake while waiting for the camera to snap the photo.

My camera: Nikon Coolpix S3000

Do you use the same camera? Any suggestions for the settings I should use to get better quality images?


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  1. My boss’s daughter uses this camera and we have the same issues with it. Your best bed is to take the photo with natural light (if it’s a really sunny day- diffuse the light with a white sheet or parchment paper) and use the landscape setting. This seems to work best for her. Also make sure your pixel setting is set on the higher level for these photos. The file will be larger but will also offer more clarity. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try it when I’m ready to take more photos of my work. Every time I see a close-up of someone’s work where you can see the individual stitches makes me jealous and wonder why mine never come out that way! (or even the photos in knitting books that show samples of stitch patterns).

      Don’t get me wrong though, the camera is great on trips for vacation photos!

      • I hear you. She uses her camera for the every day things too but also for her mom’s knitting projects and some food photos when I’m not there to make them. (
        Lighting is the biggest issue and can make the most difference. If you find your lens doesn’t take clear up close photos try switching to the macro (usually a flower icon) setting. Or take the photo as close as you can with a clear image and then do a crop in your photo editing program. We’ve had to do that for close up detail before as well.

        Best of luck. I’ll look forward to more photos.

      • That’s a good idea! I’ve tried the different icons on the camera, flash/no flash, and usually the no flash ones come out the crappiest. But I never thought to try the pixel size, and I haven’t explored the photo editing too much, so I will definitely look into that as well. Thanks again! 🙂

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