I’ve been slacking off with my knitting.  I still haven’t done my February square…but not completely for lack of trying (but mostly).  I tried a couple different patterns but I either didn’t like how it looked or it wasn’t the right size I needed for the square.  I’m almost done with a hat that’s on my busy list, and I know that I can finish it quickly if I just give myself enough time to sit down and do it, but I end up mindlessly surfing the web, or reading books and/or blogs and forget all about it.  I guess I’m kind of in a knitting funk.  I hope to finish at least the hat by the end of the week.  We’ll see how it goes. (fingers crossed)

Also, I’ve been going on ravelry again recently and keep adding projects to my queue.  Some are super ambitious and I hope over time I’ll settle into a routine (whether it’s knitting a certain amount of time each day or setting aside certain days to knit or something) and continue working and practicing and learning new stitches and finally be able to work on bigger projects.  We’ll see.


That is all.