About Me

I learned how to knit a few years back from one of my Theta Phi Alpha sisters but only really got into it within the past year or so.  I realized that this site could actually be a great place to keep all of my knitting work organized.  Not to mention help spread the great patterns that people so kindly share for free!

I love to knit because it’s something to do with my hands and I feel so accomplished and crafty when I have finished a project to my satisfaction.  I also love making things for people and giving them as gifts.  Even though it may not look/be 100% perfect, I think giving something handmade can be more personal and meaningful.

I’m a member of the Ravelry website (my member page), which is where I find most of my patterns, so you’ll see links to the pages/patterns of the projects I’m working on.  I cannot believe the hundreds of thousands of patterns available just on Ravelry.  I’m quickly learning that one can knit just about ANYTHING.

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Knitting!  🙂

**None of the projects here are for sale, they are free patterns generously shared by their creators for personal use only.  If you want to purchase something made with the patterns you see, click on the link to get to the creator’s site and contact them directly.  Thanks 🙂


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