New Blog

I have a different blog set up about [NERD ALERT] books.  I tend to post there more because I read more than I knit 🙂  Check it out here.

I actually still haven’t picked up any knitting needles since before my trip (which was fantastic! See this post).  I mentioned before that I have a project all set up and ready to go in a bag and I have taken that bag into the living room with me with all intentions of starting…but then it just sits on the floor next to the couch while I forget about it.  I think it’s because I’ve been so busy getting ready for Christmas.

Our tree when we first put it up...before Thanksgiving 🙂

I’m very excited for the holiday! It’s my first Christmas living on my own.  But there will be a lot of “traveling” going on that day: we’ll obviously start the day at our house, but then we’ll move onto Mark’s mum’s house, my parents’ house, Mark’s Aunt’s house and then my Aunt’s house.   Whew.  Just typing it makes me tired!

I have finished just about everything I needed to get done before Sunday, only one more thing to pick up, which I’ll get after work tonight! Woooooo!! Everything is wrapped and under the tree (except for edibles, Sonny would tear into it in less than a second!).

Our pup, Sonny

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all of you and your families!


Knitting Hiatus

So I’m kind of on an unintentional knitting hiatus.  I haven’t picked up anything since I finished the last hat (see previous post). I put everything I need for my next project(s) together (pattern directions, needles, yarn, and notions), but I have yet to start them.

I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas; I’m almost done with shopping & wrapping! Hooray for me.  I just have a few more things and then I’m officially done.  Probably the earliest I’ve ever finished Christmas preparation. Love it. I’ve also been busy getting ready for my vacation to Aruba; I leave Sunday morning! yaaaaaay! I can’t wait to get to the sun and water and happy hours and snorkeling and just relaxing!

When I get back, I’m still going to focus my knitting efforts on the list of items found here. None of these are gifts, so I don’t have to worry about getting them finished in time for Christmas, which is a relief. Otherwise, I’d be on a knitting kick with cramped hands and figuring out a way to take knitting needles on a plane…  (actually, I don’t even know if they’re not allowed…maybe I should look into it…)

Roughly 46 hours til we land in Aruba…. but who’s counting? 😉

Long Awaited

I’ve finally started and finished a hat for Justin, Mark’s brother.  When I finished the hat for Mark back in April, Justin said he wanted one too.  So I had him pick out the yarn he wanted….and then didn’t actually start the hat until the beginning of this month… whoops.

I used the same pattern from Ravelry that was used to make Mark’s hat, including my own modifications (length, etc).  It is slightly longer than what the pattern calls for (maybe about a half inch longer).  Nothing major.

I used a different kind of yarn than what was used for Mark’s hat and I’m not sure which I like better.  I think Mark’s feels more cushion-y, but Justin’s knit up nicely, too… and the decreasing to make the top of the hat looks cleaner on Mark’s.  Oh well.  Mark’s is 100% acrylic and Justin’s is 100% cotton so they feel somewhat different.

Oh and Mark wore his hat today 🙂

Color Me Green with Envy…

Through pinterest I found a link to a crafter’s blog, The Ivy Cottage Blog and she turned a garage into her Craft Studio.  It is just unbelievably amazing.  It is a room I would one day aspire to have for myself.  It’s just fantastic.  So I roamed around her blog a bit more and she has some really terrific stuff there.  Definitely take a few minutes to check this out; it’s totally worth it!

Want to help people in need this season?

Because I’m always interested in finding new knitting patterns, I subscribe to a daily email from  Today’s email featured a link to a blog post about knitting for a wonderful cause.  I wanted to post the link here for anyone who might be interested in helping out.  The cause is called Project Winter Warmth and they are hoping to collect hats, scarves and mittens/gloves for babies, children and adults.  The collected items will then go to local charities and help those in need.   Please click on the link below to learn more!

Project Winter Warmth

Happy Knitting!

Warm Tootsies

I found a pattern called Bed Peds by Yvonne Senecal on (where else?) Ravelry way back in February (around the time I joined the site).  I added it to my queue at that time.  For some reason, when I saw them, I automatically thought of my mom. I’m not sure why.

They looked like “slipper socks” in the picture accompanying the pattern and my mom has always worn warm socks (especially in the colder months) so I queued them with the intention of making a pair for her…at some point.  They are not traditional socks because there is no actual knit heel portion.  When they are not worn, they kind of look like tubes with one closed end.  But they shape to the foot when they are on.

I finally gave in last weekend and started working on them.  They turned out to be MUCH easier than I was anticipating, which made me happy! I finished the second one earlier today.  They each probably took about 4 hours or so to make.  Not too bad.  They are supposed to be a size M (an 8 in women’s) and there was an option to make a rolled cuff, but I opted out of that.  I think I would probably add one more repeating section (4 rows) because they seemed a little short at the back of my ankle.  Also, I didn’t realize it until I was about to start the second sock that I kind of screwed it up a little.  But it’s not detrimental to the sock so it’s all good.  (I was supposed to use smaller needles at the beginning and switch to the larger needles, but I did it backwards.  I think they still look great!)

I only have one picture of the first sock I made last weekend.  I lent my camera to my mom so I will take pictures of the pair when I get the camera back.  So for now, enjoy my one foot.  And check back at the end of the week for new pictures 🙂

AARP at 25?!

So this is not related to knitting in any way, but I had to post this somewhere.

I came home from work today and grabbed the mail out of the mailbox.  I shuffled through the pile: credit card offers, Sports Illustrated, something from the Red Cross, coupons to Yankee Candle…and an AARP enrollment letter for me.


I’m 25. 

And if I send in the completed form and the $16 subscription (for the year) I’ll get a free insulated cooler and enjoy all the benefits offered to the 50+ community.

I can’t believe I got that in the mail! haha

Don’t get me wrong, as soon as I’m old enough to do it (and as long as it’s still around) I’m totally signing up for AARP, but I still have to wait another 25 (well, almost 24) years! hahaha

It made me laugh, so that’s good I guess.