I’ve been slacking off with my knitting.  I still haven’t done my February square…but not completely for lack of trying (but mostly).  I tried a couple different patterns but I either didn’t like how it looked or it wasn’t the right size I needed for the square.  I’m almost done with a hat that’s on my busy list, and I know that I can finish it quickly if I just give myself enough time to sit down and do it, but I end up mindlessly surfing the web, or reading books and/or blogs and forget all about it.  I guess I’m kind of in a knitting funk.  I hope to finish at least the hat by the end of the week.  We’ll see how it goes. (fingers crossed)

Also, I’ve been going on ravelry again recently and keep adding projects to my queue.  Some are super ambitious and I hope over time I’ll settle into a routine (whether it’s knitting a certain amount of time each day or setting aside certain days to knit or something) and continue working and practicing and learning new stitches and finally be able to work on bigger projects.  We’ll see.


That is all.


Want to help people in need this season?

Because I’m always interested in finding new knitting patterns, I subscribe to a daily email from  Today’s email featured a link to a blog post about knitting for a wonderful cause.  I wanted to post the link here for anyone who might be interested in helping out.  The cause is called Project Winter Warmth and they are hoping to collect hats, scarves and mittens/gloves for babies, children and adults.  The collected items will then go to local charities and help those in need.   Please click on the link below to learn more!

Project Winter Warmth

Happy Knitting!

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have quite a few knitting tasks ahead of me!

A few people have asked for some things and others I’m making as gifts…I need to keep a list so I don’t forget anyone.  What better place than here, my knitting project “tracker”?



(these aren’t socks in the traditional sense; according to the pattern there isn’t an actual heel portion to knit)

Sonny 🙂

MaKayla (I started this over a year ago and put it aside as I learned how to make more things…I really need to finish this for her!)

9″x9″ squares for the Pine Street Inn Annual Knit-a-Thon (I’ll explain more about this later)
** [Edit 23-Nov-11] I was unable to complete these by the Knit-a-Thon, so I will save them for next year… I will blog about this later, I have an idea brewing…

There are also some other really cute patterns that I’ve lined up in my queue on Ravelry, but this list is requested items that I want to make and so I will concentrate on these first!