I’ve been slacking off with my knitting.  I still haven’t done my February square…but not completely for lack of trying (but mostly).  I tried a couple different patterns but I either didn’t like how it looked or it wasn’t the right size I needed for the square.  I’m almost done with a hat that’s on my busy list, and I know that I can finish it quickly if I just give myself enough time to sit down and do it, but I end up mindlessly surfing the web, or reading books and/or blogs and forget all about it.  I guess I’m kind of in a knitting funk.  I hope to finish at least the hat by the end of the week.  We’ll see how it goes. (fingers crossed)

Also, I’ve been going on ravelry again recently and keep adding projects to my queue.  Some are super ambitious and I hope over time I’ll settle into a routine (whether it’s knitting a certain amount of time each day or setting aside certain days to knit or something) and continue working and practicing and learning new stitches and finally be able to work on bigger projects.  We’ll see.


That is all.


Under Construction

I was bored with the blank image icons on my Ravelry projects so I created an “icon” to use while I’m working on projects before I post any pictures (whether while in the process or just finished images).

I think it looks cute and thought I’d post it here. And I figured it had been a while since I last posted and wanted to let everyone know I’m still working on things!

Currently, I have a hat on some needles (it’s from my earlier post that listed all the projects I needed to complete. I also began a square today for another co-worker baby blanket. (We made a blanket for my co-worker Sarah last spring, which you can read about here).

Here’s the image. I only used Microsoft word and got the image from the clip art files. Feel free to use it if you’d like.

Long Awaited

I’ve finally started and finished a hat for Justin, Mark’s brother.  When I finished the hat for Mark back in April, Justin said he wanted one too.  So I had him pick out the yarn he wanted….and then didn’t actually start the hat until the beginning of this month… whoops.

I used the same pattern from Ravelry that was used to make Mark’s hat, including my own modifications (length, etc).  It is slightly longer than what the pattern calls for (maybe about a half inch longer).  Nothing major.

I used a different kind of yarn than what was used for Mark’s hat and I’m not sure which I like better.  I think Mark’s feels more cushion-y, but Justin’s knit up nicely, too… and the decreasing to make the top of the hat looks cleaner on Mark’s.  Oh well.  Mark’s is 100% acrylic and Justin’s is 100% cotton so they feel somewhat different.

Oh and Mark wore his hat today 🙂

Krista’s Hat

This hat has been my nemesis since early this summer.

I told a friend of mine I would knit her a hat, showed her a few patterns I had in my Ravelry queue and she selected the All Day Beret by Debbie Stoller. Glancing at the pattern I thought it didn’t seem to be too difficult but I needed to buy the yarn and the needles. Three different sets of needles are required for the pattern.  I was able to get 2 of them at the store and had to order the third set online. Of course, the set I had to wait for in the mail was the one I needed to start the project.

Then, I got caught up in a few other things and aside from just doing the ribbed knitting at the beginning, I hadn’t done anything else. In July, I picked it up again and made a mess of it; the pattern seemed to be much harder than I thought! I kept ending up with a bunch more stitches than I was supposed to have. So I had to frog it and start all over again.

Last month, I started it over again and was trucking along just fine… (I realized I had originally read the pattern wrong and was doing two yarn overs instead of one…whew, easy problem solved!) Also,  I took a fellow knitting pal’s suggestion of using markers to help me keep the stitch count (which is such a great help!) After getting through about 1/3 of the hat, I realized it was all twisted. I guess some part of my brain figured it would un-twist itself as I started to decrease…the twisting had never happened to me before so I didn’t know that wouldn’t be the case. When I consulted one of my books, you must know how bummed I was to discover it would NOT un-twist itself (what a newbie mistake!).  So once again, I had to start it over again.

Last week (the 10th) I re-cast. I was extra careful to make sure it didn’t twist. I followed the pattern exactly.  Until I realized I was doing the SSK slightly wrong.  The pattern didn’t specify if the slipped stitches were slipped as if to knit or purl and so I automatically slipped as if to purl.  It’s not “wrong” per se, but my knitting book did say unless otherwise specified assume to slip as if to knit.  Oh well.  I thought it was looking good so I just stuck with what I was doing….(plus I didn’t want to have to start over a 4th time!)

I finished it this afternoon while waiting for the Patriots game to start.

So now, drumroll please……………………………………….


Krista wearing the hat

Completed October 16, 2011