Baby Blanket Square #2

I finished the new baby blanket square.  A co-worker in my department is expecting a baby boy.  I hadn’t even considered the baby blanket, even though we did one less than a year ago for Sarah, my other co-worker. But one of the women in the office mentioned it to me, and I happened to have enough time to jump in and make a square.

The woman putting it together, Tina, decided to select a pattern to inspire our baby blanket rather than everyone do a random design.  Last time, we all chose our own designs and it looked great.  So this is trying something new.  The pattern is pretty straight forward.  I finished it on Thursday.  Here’s the image.

It was supposed to be 8″x8″, but I ended up running out of yarn, so it’s slightly less than 8″x8″, but once it’s attached to the rest of the squares it will be just right!


January Stripes

I’ve completed my first square for the blanket project.

In fact, I actually had started this square for last year’s Knit-a-Thon but I was unable to complete it in time, so I decided to finish it as my first square.  I basically decided this because almost the entire month of January passed and I hadn’t picked up my needles.  But in any case, I finished it today, so here it is: